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The VAGB is run by Vega Owners and for Vega Owners. Its purpose is to promote the Albin Vega, obtain affordable spares, solve technical problems and help other Vega owners in any way possible. Over 12 Vegas have circumnavigated the globe and others have made or are still making remarkable voyages all over the globe. With over 3450 being produced and the vast majority still in use she is a well proven classic.

We have over 200 members who are spread from the UK & Ireland to Australia. If you have a problem then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our membership fees are very modest and I expect you will more than save your subscription with your first spares purchase.

We produce newsletters at regular intervals and the well known VAGB Technical Notes (both are supplied free to members). There are also active Vega Forums, both here and in the USA.

Remember to contact us if you have any technical queries, spares needs or anything Vega.....