The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had
- Eric Schmidt; Google Executive chairman
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Cyber Hygiene

Ok, back to basics.

Everything you have should have a password - at least 8 characters and try to split up the words: ‘Monkey’ is easy to guess, but ‘M0nk£ybadgery’ is far harder.

FYI: Only n00bs use their birth date

I need a password!

Finally, remember that anyone could be watching you type. Even if you have a 82 letter password its useless if someone can watch or film you type it in. On someone else’s computer? Check for keyloggers and make sure it doesn’t keep you logged in.

It’s gotta be strong, it’s gotta be fast...

Using symbols in your password really mucks up viruses and hackers trying to guess them. Less of the ‘L33t’ passwords and more of the ‘L£$1’ ones!

Come up with an awesome combo that you can bash out in seconds, no one can guess and yet you remember!

I’m holding out for a symbol till the end of the night...

A common mistake when using social networks is to assume that you and your friends are the only people who can view your information. Make sure that your privacy settings are correctly configured to avoid others taking your details such as where you live, your family members and even where you go to school

Keep it private!

So there have been reports recently on social networks that can encourage irrational and sadly depressing behaviour. If you feel that you are being targeted on the internet, attacked over facebook or otherwise hurt, tell someone.

There is a report tool below if you want to talk to someone

Abusive networks

You will have seen the viruses going around if you have used facebook, twitter or even youtube for any length of time. Surprisingly, most of the time these random links to win iPads from people you never speak to are probably unsafe. DON’T CLICK ON THEM , just delete them.

Viral Viruses

“Cyber” is a relatively new word that makes us all think of some digital, alien world filled with robotics and binary code. There’s some truth in this. “Cyber” relates to anything associated with the Internet or network communication, including gaming and texting.

This page, aimed to educate on the topic of “Cyber Safety”, is all about keeping yourself and others safe when using computer software and technology or Internet sites. There is a growing need for this education because the industry of Cyber is growing rapidly, and we hear more and more stories in the news of the dangers of Cyber when people misuse it. Some affects people personally, such as cyberbullying, and some affects international enterprises through hacking systems.

We hope the information here is a good foundation for proper cyber practice, and you become as aware of the risks we face daily as the immediate benefits.

You can’t handle the truth

Cyber Safety


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