The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had
- Eric Schmidt; Google Executive chairman
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Cyber Hygiene

When using online banking or shopping you are handling extremely personal and important data - so don’t use a public computer!

You don’t know what may be installed, or who may be watching you put your information in so make the smart choice and don’t do it.

Public Computers

If you think that you account is unsafe, has been altered or is otherwise odd report in the problem immediately to the bank/shop or site in question - do not enter in any more information as your account may have been compromised!


Before entering in a password or other details, make sure the website is using an encryption - the URL should display HTTPS:// (on Chrome and Firefox there will also be a lock icon).

Secondly, keep your password safe and change it if you think it isn’t.

HTTPS:// and Passwords

Make sure your USB is clean - an infected USB can be your downfall (Simply ask Mr. Palmer).

So, don’t share it, when you get a new one, format it and for gods sake don’t use ones you have found on the floor - you don’t know where it’s been!

It’s like a USB STD

Given all of these horrible ways your work can become corrupted, it is generally advised that you move away from these dirty, evil memory sticks. Software such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive all work in school, and provided you have a good password will not act as a vector for the next Confikker!

The sky is the limit

So your computer is clean - no viruses there!

But did you check your USB stick? I’m guessing not. Your USB stick can hold a virus just as well (if not better) as a computer - so make sure your virus scan cleans it too!

Scan! In the name of love!

“Cyber” is a relatively new word that makes us all think of some digital, alien world filled with robotics and binary code. There’s some truth in this. “Cyber” relates to anything associated with the Internet or network communication, including gaming and texting.

This page, aimed to educate on the topic of “Cyber Hygiene”, is all about keeping yourself and others safe when using computer software and technology or Internet sites. There is a growing need for this education because the industry of Cyber is growing rapidly, and we hear more and more stories in the news of the dangers of Cyber when people misuse it. Some affects people personally, such as cyberbullying, and some affects international enterprises through hacking systems.

We hope the information here is a good foundation for proper cyber practice, and you become as aware of the risks we face daily as the immediate benefits.

Stay clean; stay safe

Cyber Hygiene

Online Banking/Shopping

Portable Devices

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