This photo was taken in Lymington, on the delivery trip home after buying the boat in March 2000 And, although it looks sunny, bloody cold it was too. Just after the pic was taken, a big Westerly parked stern to behind us, and all evening all we could hear was the exhaust from it's diesel heater, while we shivered round our stove, and planned where our heater ducting would run. Built in 1972, she was imported as the demo boat for Albin Marine Ltd (formerly Larsson Boats Ltd). During this time a sales representative reversed the boat fast towards a pontoon to demonstrate the efficiency of the vari-prop (or whatever it was called). Throwing the motor from astern to ahead, the engine stalled, the pontoon punched a hole through the boat, and since then we sport a blue transom, to hide the repair! Candida (named after the Andy Williams/Val Doonican type croon of the time "Candida, you know I needya, I'm going to pleaseya etc.") has a namesake in the stunning eponymous "J" class. In 1973 she was bought by her first private owner for £3,601.85 including 85p for an oil filter and £1 for a storage net not fitted. Pity we didn't ask about that storage net when we bought her. And we're still thinking about that heater (plenty of space below the cockpit ...)