Southern Comfort

Standing Rigging and Deckware

from Vega Spares

The Vega uses standard 5mm stainless rigging. Many still have the original rigging that must be checked at regular intervals. Many Insurance Companies insist on replacing the standing rigging at least every ten years, if not adhered to it can be difficult to obtain your insurance claim should it include rigging failure. There are standard measurements for the Vega rigging but as every yacht is individual it is better to get exact measurements from your existing rigging, including the bottlescrews in their normal position. The forestay may have been changed if your Vega has had furling gear added (Rotostay etc) so this is not included unless specified at time of order. Contact Steve Birch for any technical questions and measurement details.

  • Full Rigging Replacement including bottlescrews and forestay £475.00
  • Full Rigging Replacement including bottlescrews, no forestay £445.00
  • Full Rigging Replacement including forestay, no bottlescrews £360.00
  • Full Rigging Replacement with no bottlescrews, & no forestay £325.00