Southern Comfort


Southern Comfort is owned by Steve Birch and Dave Timmins. She is kept at Fawley near Southampton which has easy access to The Solent. Over the last five years she has undergone an extensive re-fitting program that has included fitting a new Beta BZ482 engine, complete re-spray and a new mast, boom and rigging due to a failure of the forestay chain-plate (see Newsletter 24). She has just had a Navik Wind-vane fitted for the last IFR (Hoorn - IFR2000) so is easy to handle single-handed. The next big job will be to epoxy the underwater hull as a preventative measure. She is a very good looking Vega and can often be seen sailing in The Solent, France and the South West. Last year Steve Birch, Allen Barnby and Cai Christainsen attended IFR-2000 in Southern Comfort with an uneventful crossing of the North Sea. She has proved to be a truly seaworthy boat that is happy in all seas and winds, though it can be fun with a large following sea, strong following wind and spinnaker set (motto: keep an eye on the wind strength especially downwind!).