Tarka is a 1969 Vega owned by Ken Smith and Terry the plumber. They have owned her for nearly ten years so both have become very proficient in the ways of their Vega. Ken changed the Albin 022 petrol engine two years ago for the standard Volvo MD6A with Combi. A fine installation entailed much work but then Ken is an engineer and everything was "belt & braces". Tarka is kept at Fawley along with Southern Comfort and can often be seen on the Thursday night racing. Most of the other boats are a lot larger but Tarka still gives a good account of herself. Ken is also the mooring master at Fawley and has proved to be a good friend to the VAGB and is always willing to help any Vega owner that asks his advice. Tarka's mast was stolen a few years ago for the scrap value of the aluminium (£15!) so she now sports a new mast, boom and furling gear. She has an oven fitted instead of the usual two burner hob and many meals have been shared whilst on cruise with other Vegas. Ken, Terry and Tarka attended IFR-1998 on The Medway and they proved to be excellent sailors with the Albin 022 losing compression on the way home. They managed to get back to Fawley with just a small outboard whilst winds and tides conspired against them for the whole trip.