Southern Comfort

Vega Replacement Windows

in Rubber or Aluminium

The Vega windows have served superbly over the last 20 - 30 years but the rubber surrounds are now starting to perish. The first sign is the rubber hardening and leaving black stains on the surrounding fibreglass. In bad cases the rubber will harden and crack thus allowing water to penetrate into the cabins. There are two solutions to this problem:

  1. The complete window can be removed, cleaned and new rubber surrounds installed complete with locking strip. This is a challenging job but provides a cost effective solution. We can supply the complete kit which includes Rubber Seal, Locking Strip and Insertion Tool. Instructions are provided but be prepared for a long & thumb-numbing job!!!£105.00 per system (Please signify your Vega Number)
  2. The second option is the complete replacement of the rubber seal with a custom-built aluminium frame system. The frames are made from strong anodised extrusion ensuring fitting to all models of the Vega. The installation takes two people about a day and needs only a screwdriver, rough half-round file, rough flat file and basic DIY skills. Complete fitting instructions are supplied with each kit. Installation entails removing the old gasket and panes. Complete aluminium windows are provided with non-setting butyl sealant and stainless fittings. The new glass is 5mm toughened as opposed to the original 4mm toughened glass. The finished product is 100% waterproof and certainly improves the looks of the Vega. The Vega shown below, Vanern, is kept and sailed in The Shetlands and is a great testimonial to the frames effectiveness. This is not a cheap alternative but is not difficult to install, either on land or afloat. A truly seaworthy improvement to your Vega. window1 window2 window3 These pictures show Vanern, which is sailed in The Shetlands (60 degrees North!). They have just had the wettest year since records began and not a drop entered via the windows, even with the Atlantic rollers that are common in these latitudes. The rubber gaskets have been changed for the custom-built Aluminium Vega Framed Window. A totally waterproof and beautiful looking solution for your Vega. The complete solution, which includes complete fitting instructions, is available for £545.00 + carriage (UK and worldwide)